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MechatroWeGo Photo Contest 2

To commemorate the holding of the

"Minna no MechatroWeGo 5" we would

like to announce the holding of a MechatroWeGo themed

Photo Contest on Instagram!

[MechatroWeGo Photo Contest]

It may be called a photo contest but as long as it involves the MechatroWego

anything from art to even something that just looks like a MechatroWeGo is ok!

Judging will be based on simple things such as the passion, wonder and joy we feel from the pictures.

We are looking forward to seeing many great pictures from our fans that show the love they have for the MechatroWeGo.

**We ask that any drawn art or object that is posted for this contest be something he or she drew or made.

**Please note customs and repaints are welcome but this is not a customizing contest.

We will judge on how much love for the MechatroWeGo we feel from the pictures and not technical difficulty so post freely and often.

[Entry Period]


(Only entries sent during this period will be eligible)

Pictures of chosen entries will be shown in a slideshow at the Sen-ti-nel booth during "Wonder Festival 2016 summer".

[How To Enter]


-Follow the Official MechatroWeGo Instagram!


**For those without a Instagram account we ask you to create one as it will be requirement for this contest.


-Take a picture!

・No rules on what you take, it can be a toy, art or anything!

・As long it has love for MechatroWeGo anything is ok!


-Post on Instagram with the hastag #we_photo_go !

[Announcement of Winners]

Winners of the contest will be contacted by a Direct Message to their Instagram accounts.

Please note that if we do not receive a reply from the winner within a certain period the prize will not be sent.

Prizes will be shipped by Sen-ti-nel co. ltd once we have contact with the winners.


MechatroWeGo Original T-Shirt・・・・ 10 People


[General rules for entries]

・Entries are unlimited and you may send in as many entries as you like.

・Subject can be anything that can be connected with MechatroWeGo(Example: Picture of keychain, Art, Plush, Something that looks similar to the WeGo)

・Please draw or create the object in the picture that you send in.

・Note customs and repaint are accepted but this is not a customizing contest.

Judging will be based on simple things such as the passion, wonder and joy we feel from the pictures.

Regarding entries and private information

  • Anything which is contrary to public order or morality
  • Pictures that show people who cannot give their approval or who we feel cannot be contacted to give their approval. (For children the approval must be given by a parent)
  • Photos that show products with another company's designs .
  • Any post found to be under any of the above will be invalid and not be included in the slideshow.

    Please note there will no contact from us regarding invalid entries nor will we accept questions regarding them.

  • If you submit a photograph to enter the Photo Contest, you grant Sen-ti-nel co. ltd rights to use them in promotion, advertising as well as in third party publishing and other media outlets.
  • We ask that you acknowledge and accept some revision of the original material maybe made when used by various media outlets.
  • Pic Up Gallery

    To pick up a nice piece was our applicants will introduce. (Posted are subject to change without notice.)