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MechatroWeGo Photo Contest in HK : Announcement of the Winners

Comment from Sen-Ti-Nel staff

Comment from Sen-Ti-Nel staff

This event was initiated by Sen-Ti-Nel Hong Kong, with the aim to promote MechatroWeGo to users outside of Japan.

The brilliance of the entries and the love for MechatroWeGo expressed from them were utterly amazing, and were second to none with the entries from the past photo contests.

We hope that users throughout the world will get to know the charm of MechatroWeGo even more by social media service.

And we at Sen-Ti-Nel will aim to keep on producing products and projects that will make users happy around the world.

Sen-Ti-Nel Staff








Photo Contest Grand Prize (1 Winner)

[By Gen Kaniomiso / Photo Title : What do you think?]

- Comment from Mr. Kobayashi -

The beautiful overall color tone was the decisive factor.

By taking the photo from a distance, it made the 1/12 scale WeGo look relatively small from its actual size and that was also a good idea.

The focus on the entire photo is a bit off, but that makes it look dreamy and lovely.


【Gen Kaniomisoさん作品 photo title:What do you think?】





Photo Contest Second Prize (3 Winners)

[By KM Chow / Photo Title : 看顧您。一輩子]

- Comment from Sentinel Staff -

It looks as if the Tiny WeGo is the little brother, and the big brother WeGo holding its hand is smiling.

This photo is very heartwarming while making you imagine about what the two of them are talking about or where they are heading to.


【KM Chow さん作品 photo title:「看顧您。一輩子」





[By Christine Lam / Photo Title : Good Morning Wego]

- Comment from Mr. Kobayashi -

It is very rare to see a photo of WeGo with an actual person in it!

I feel very relaxed thanks to the gentle expression on her face.

It also makes me imagine if the WeGo is trying to say something to her by waving its hands.


【Christine Lamさん作品 photo title: Good Morning Wego.】






[By Philip Ng / Photo Title : Help Him!]

- Comment from Mr. Kobayashi -

A prank or an accident?!

It is a tragedy for 'KURO,' but this photo makes me smile every time I look at it.

You can see how kind 'VIVID' is, trying to help him on the double!


【Philip Ngさん作品 photo title: Help Him!】





Regarding the entries and handling of personal information

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